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We think we are organised. We are going to pack this weekend and weigh our suitcases, get some good sleep before we go and countdown.
China…here we come!

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Activity Day


Student Activity Days

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Our Team China



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We have five very excited students- Harry, Alicia, Tehjal, Olivia and Kira, heading to China on May 29

Mrs Diana Devlin will be accompanying our students. Our students will be travelling with 55 students and 20 teachers from 12 Bendigo schools. The tour will travel to Shanghai and Suzhou. In Shanghai, some of the places the tour will take us to are the Pearl Tower, the YuYuan Gardens, the Science and Technology Museum, the EIRA Circus and the Kunqu Opera. In Suzhou we will be visiting our sister school, Zinggang Primary School. We will also be enjoying different foods, canal tours, market shopping, temple visits, travelling on the Met, and also have the opportunity to travel on the famous Maglev train to the airport.

As preparation for this trip our students have participated in a group activity day this week. The students learnt about various aspects of the trip and received tips on safety, packing, bargaining and bartering. On tour we will all wear the Team China uniform, as seen in the group photo. While away our students will update their experiences on the Team China travel blog.


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