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Day 9


Today we travelled around shanghai on the BIg Red Bus and viewed many sites. We have really got to know our way around this city, and what an amazing city it is.
Then we checked out of the hotel, packed our luggage onto a bus, then took the met to them MLev station to catch the fast train to the airport. Wow…it was fast. We got up to the speed of 430kmh and the world just whizzed by!!
We are almost at the end of our journey to China.
Maybe we can catch up with some sleep on the plane before seeing our families again.
It has been an amazing trip with many highlights.

Day 8


We are now back with better internet access!
We have had 3 memorable days in Suzhou, which included school visits. At our sister school Xinggang, we had traditional paper craft lessons, a cultural music lesson, including dance,and lunch in the dining halls with our buddies who enjoyed using their English. The school principal gave a presentation speech (in Chinese,with an English teacher translating for her).
We also went to another school and learned Kung Fu which was fun.
Also in Suzhou we enjoyed the World Heritage gardens, a cruise on the canals and a night at the Chinese Opera.
WE got up early today and skyped with Grade 6- thanks for that, it was great to talk.
Today we travelled from Suzhou to Shanghai by bus. On the way we stopped at a famous silk production company and learnt about the whole silk making process.It was very interesting.They had all sorts of beautiful silk products for sale.
Back in Shanghai we have had another Chinese feast in a lovely restaurant.
This afternoon we have been out in our small Spring Gully group on the Met visiting Yu Yuan again-lots of interesting buildings here and an old Chinese tea house, a bit more bargaining and the discovery of an amazing toy shop.
Tonight we have had a Thai feast- and tried the chicken feet (not popular!!!)
Its been a great day.

3days in Suzhou







Leaving shanghai


Just had breakfast -lots of fruit and hash browns. Kira loves sushi for breakfast. Heading to Suzhou soon.all packed.




Sunday in Shanghai


We have just been to the best circus on Earth!
It has also been a very wet day.
All going extremely well.


We have had another eventful day. We have spent the morning at the Science and Technology Museum.This building was huge and the exhibits truly amazing.There were huge crowds-lots of families out for the day.Our children were quite a novelty- and often asked to be in photographs with Chinese children.
We then visited Shanghai’s largest market – all underground.Olivia, Alicia,Harry,Tehjal and Kira have learnt so much about value for money and bargaining.They have all been able to purchase some interesting things.
We have been out for dinner – lots of choice but every restaurant is so crowded and noisy .Tonight we discovered that ordering in Chinese can be a little difficult, and we don’t always get what we thought we ordered!
Tonight zee have had a cruise along the Hungpu river and were amazed by the colourful lights on all the city buildings.
We are having lots of funny moments and learning many things about China. Our team have a terrific attitude, stamina ,and are getting along well with everyone.
WE have had a few internet issues, so the kids have not updated their own pages yet.Hopefully tomorrow we can.

Day 2. Shanghai


We have had an amazing day.After such a long trip the day before our team were up and ready for breakfast at 7.We then set off on the Met to the Pearl Tower, where we spent a couple of hours up high looking down on the amazing sites of Shanghai.We then spent some time in the museum before going to a terrific dumpling restaurant, where we dined on authentic flavours-chicken,pork and vegetarian.It was great fun and we certainly ate ‘heaps’!After imagelunch again we set off by foot, and Met to the Yu Yuan Gardens- not many trees but lots of places to shop and bargain.IT was a lot of fun.
It has been very hot and humid.We had a very tight and crowded journey back to the hotel in peak hour on the Met- what an amazing rail network,and so well designed to move so many people.
Tonight we have been to the famous Nanjing Road for a walk to view the night life and lights, and to have dinner at a restaurant – pizza and pasta this time!We are all well,and a much earlier night tonight.

We are here!


We have arrived safely in Shanghai. We are all happy and wellimage.
It was a long flight. Olivia dozed and watched movies, Tehjal watched 3 movies,Kira was busy with loom bracelets, Harry watched movies and munched m and ms , ALicia made a new friend and enjoyed her window seat and DIana caught up with movies too. It seemed like ages before we left the coast of Australia.
We are all well and have just had a big sleep and a big breakfast. Soon we head off for the day with great excitement.
Shanghai is such a big,new city.23 million people.Tall buildings everywhere and lots of amazing lights.


We would like to thank everyone for their support for our trip to China, especially our wonderful parents. We will miss you all.See you in 10 days and keep watching this space.

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